The Wizard of Oz Code:


Discover how The Wizard of Oz symbolizes a map to our next human evolution

Find Joy and Truth in every situation - no matter what it looks like

Change your perceptions; see all from a higher vantage point

See how life lovingly provides you with everything you need to find your power

Become Soul-Focused AND Body Centered

Become a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional master!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is right here, you just have to learn how to get there.  This book can get you there; you can live your Joy.


Come along with Dorothy (your physical expression), the Scarecrow (your mental expression), the Tin Man (your spiritual expression) and the Cowardly Lion (your emotional expression) for a whole-some adventure down the Yellow Brick Road (your third chakra).  Arm in arm with all your expressions, you will head (or skip!) toward Oneness, where we will live in a place of joy, love and compassion (Emerald City). 

Along the way you will learn to listen to Toto (your inner voice), and face the wildly out of control Wicked Witch of the West (your ego).  You will come to stand in your own pair of Ruby Red Slippers (or powerful foundation), and uplift your view of all to the higher vantage point of your Soul.  So get out of Kansas (the physical boundaries of earth time and space) and come to Oz, where all your greatest secrets and knowledge lie!

Learn and Know that in Oneness we find Joy and that Joy is Oneness!